Chapter 7 Have your cake and eat it!

cakesCraving cake on a diet? Now this something I seriously struggle with, so don’t worry you’re only human! So ever since I went for afternoon tea over the weekend I have been craving that lemon cake, but a healthy lifestyle means cutting down on those naughty treats!


I actually found a snack to satisfy that craving…. Fibre one 90 calorie Lemon drizzle square! These delicate treats contain 30% more fibre and 30% less fat than the average brownie! I can openly admit that this snack helps massively with my craving and stops me from feeling deprived of what I want most, which is a whole lot of cake. They also do Fibre 90 bars in chocolate fudge brownie and salted caramel squares to suit whatever sweet tooth you have.

I paired my lemon drizzle square with a pot of decaffeinated tea to really get into that British afternoon tea vibe on a cold day. We all deserve a little indulgence so just be smart with your choices!


Chapter 6 Cheat meal at T Pots!


So its Saturday and for me that means only one thing….. cheat meal! I didn’t fancy anything too heavy so me and my mom decided to go to T pots located in Kingston Court Shopping Arcade in Cannock. I have to say I have never experienced a more personal and hearty experience in my life, the staff were a pleasure to be around and couldn’t do enough for you!

T Pots is a quaint, vintage style tea room which offers afternoon teas, breakfast, lunch and outside catering between Tuesday and Saturday! This fabulous Tea room, truly is a hidden gem! T pots website


My mum and I had afternoon tea for two including a pot of tea, lime and lemon water, assorted cakes and finger sandwiches, crisps, quiche and butterscotch. Everything was fresh and tasty and I can say hands down have the best lemon cake I have ever tasted, so I can honestly say it was worth every penny! Unfortunately my stomach wouldn’t allow me to eat everything in sight, but in saying that the staff gave us little bags for us to take our leftovers in which was perfect!

I am so happy to have found T Pots and I will 100% be returning, this was a cheat meal well spent and with this cheat meal I can say I regret nothing! Cake today Kale tomorrow its all about balance and treating yourself when you see fit!


Chapter 5 Good morning cardio!


So yesterday I did a full 24 hour carb deplete and I have actually woken up feeling a lot lighter and energised. With feeling so energised I decided to push my body further! This morning I did fasted cardio for the first time, due to waking up with an empty stomach means that when you work out as soon as you wake up you are automatically burning fat, not the food you have stored throughout the day. Fasted cardio is brilliant for burning tummy fat, so if that is something you struggle with losing like me give this a try!

I did an 8 minute workout which is perfect for when running late or if you have a tight schedule. I did four different types of exercises twice through, doing each exercise for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest.

Exercise #1: 10 high knee jogs followed by 10 wide leg jogs for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest.

Exercise #2: Push ups, 50 seconds with a 10 second rest.0812-wm-knee-push-upExercise #3: Jump squat with a back side lunge, 50 seconds with a 10 second rest.


Exercise #4: Plank pendulum, 50 seconds with a 10 second restpendulumThen repeat!

This workout targets every area of the body improving strength and weight loss.

As you can imagine after my workout I was ready to eat, I made sure to have my green tea and a cold drink to boost my metabolism for the entire day. I ate a yoghurt and a banana for energy, I also had a cereal bar containing nuts. cereal flakes and chocolate as I decided to do another workout that day once my body had recovered.


For my second workout of the day I did ‘Pump it up Hi Energy’ dvd. I did the warm it up and burn it up sections of the dvd which took me just over 20 minutes and I burnt 160 calories. I honestly found this so much to do, the time flew by, this is a great way to have fun with your workout !img_1018

Make this something you love!



Chapter 4 Bunless Burgers!

So I’ve been on the same diet for a month now and today has been the first time I weighed myself and my weight hasn’t changed, this is perfectly normal when on a diet as the body gets use to a certain pattern and this is where diets go wrong, people feel defeated and give up and start binge eating all over again! But the key is to stay positive and do something different for one day so your body gets out of the pattern it is use to.

Today I decided to carb deplete, this meaning that I cut down my carbs for 24 hours. So I started rattling my brain for any carb replacements and came to making a bunless burger, I know what you’re thinking what is a burger without the bun! but trust me I myself was shocked at how delicious this was, my favourite type of burger is a chicken burger which is what I made myself with one whole chicken breast, onion, two egg whites and of course lettuce coming to a total of 170 calories . The lettuce gave an amazing crunch and I can say after devouring this burger I didn’t feel sluggish which can happen at times when eating a normal burger but I did feel absolutely stuffed!

So if the scales aren’t showing all the efforts you’ve been putting in DONT GIVE UP just make a slight change to shock the body then go back to normal the next day, drink plenty of fluids and just remember this is a lifestyle marathon not a sprit, be patient and you shall get your results!

Capitulo dos tasty tapas


Recently found myself in beautiful Barcelona! When traveling it can be hard be so hard to stick to whatever diet or healthy eating you are on, so how do you find a perfect balance and I found my answer…. tapas! One day of luxury is well deserved when you work hard so don’t deprive just work ten times harder tomorrow. Barcelona had so many tapas joints but I went to Cachitos diagonal  it has the most beautiful decor with a Spanish garden feel but even more outstanding was the food especially the mini burgers this was great to fill my craving for a burger but just a quarter of the size! Today tapas and sangria tomorrow fruit and cardio balance is the key to success.

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Chapter 3 Morning metabolism 


Green tea is a natural powerful antioxidant which is a great source in the morning to reset the body. The main reason I take green tea in the morning is due to the fact that it stimulates the body just as effectively as coffee minus the jitters! Green tea is known to improve mood and reactions which I can honestly say I have experienced. The second reason I take green tea in the morning is because it is a fat burning stimulant, boosting the metabolic rate which also links to iced water that I intake in the morning making my body work even harder! Once I took my fluids I did a simple 15 minute workout to fire up my core! To treat myself I used my Glamglow mud mask afterwards to hydrate my skin, this product truly is amazing it’s the first mud mask that I can actually feel…

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